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Craig OʼBrien is known as “OB” to his friends and business partners. Craig

is one of a handful of Aerial Cinematographers in the world who have

reached this level of aerial documentation. With well over 20,000 jumps in

the sport of skydiving, countless Film and TV credits to his career and multiple

world championships, Craig is by far the top cameraman for any extreme aerial production. Over

the last 15 years OB has changed the culture of skydiving big way events through his dedicated

and continued organizing of the world’s best cameramen. His work on films and TV has opened

more of the public’s eyes to the sport of skydiving and extreme sports then almost any other

cameraman on the planet. If you’ve seen skydiving in a movie or on TV, chances are, OB was

there behind the lens working with the most famous people in the biz. On the set OB is always

known as the go to man for any complicated scenarios and has helped producers and directors

achieve their vision orchestrating the golden shot they were after. When the chips are down and

you need an expert, OB is your man. Honest, integral and experienced. 

Camera Operator

Professional Skydiver since 1993

Total jumps 23,000 +

3 time World Champion (Skysurf Camera flier) 1999, 2000, 2001

6 time US National Champion (Skysurf Camera flier) 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004,

2005 and 2007

Canadian Military: “The Skyhawks” 1999 to 2018

Video Coordinator Skydive Perris, 1998 to Present


Feature Films

Charlieʼs Angles 2000 

 The Reality of Bob Burnquest 2006

 Monsters Ball 2000 

 Jane Austin Book Club 2006

 Bruce Almighty 2003 

 The Bucket List 2008

 Stealth 2005

 Iron Man 2008

 Iron Man III 2013  

 The Hangover III 2013 

 Godzilla 2014

 Kingsman Secret Service 2015

 Killing Hasslehoff 2015

 Point Break 2015

 xXx-Return of Zander 2016

 Mission Impossible 6 Fallout 2018



★ American Express ★ Toyota

★ Volvo ★ Coke

★ Nikon ★ Verizon

★ Honda ★ Suzuki

★ Sony Play Station ★ Monsters of Rock

★ Bank of America ★ Tutie Fruitie

  •     ★Warner Cable ★ Nissan

  •     ★HTC


CBS: “The Amazing Race”, “ The Unit”, “CSI”, “CSI Miami”, “Chuck”

ABC: “GoodMorning America”, “ Extreme Makeover”

ESPN: “X-Games”

Discovery: “Man vs Wild”,”A Sport to die for”

Fox Sports’: ”Blade Raid”

TLC: “How’d They Do That?”

MTV: ”Senseless Act on Video”

The Outdoor Channel: “Inside RC”, “Hawaiian International Billfishing

Tournament”, “Inside Paintball”, “4 Wheeler TV”, “Whistle Stops”, “Hot Rod TV”,

“Los Cabos Tuna” “Tournament”, “Strike Zone”

Published Photography

Featured Photographer in: “Extreme Digital Photography”,Parachutist,

Skydiving, Drop Zone, Air Press, Para Mag, Fittfall, Men’s Journal, Sports

Illustrated, Ramblers, TM, LA Times, ASM, Skydive The Mag and many more


X Games 1999, 2000

US Open of Skysurfing 1997

FAI World Skydiving Championships, 1998, 1999, 200, 2001

US National Championships 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007

Japanese X Games 2000


2 time Taurus World Stunt Awards 2014 Iron Man III / “Best High Work and Best Specialty Stunt

Communication Arts 2017 / Storms Edge- Red Bull

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